mardi 21 juillet 2015

Une étonnante conspiration juive dévoilée par des nazis allemands!

Via Watch Antisemitism in Europe et Jutta Ditfurth:

With last week's wave of heat some unintentionally hilarious post from the Nationalist Party of Germany (NPD) in ‪#‎Trier‬ came along.

They asked their followers to be "critical ice cream eaters" by resisting the longing for some nice little ice cream by Ben & Jerry's and Häagen-Dazs, because good Germans don't spend a penny on the "zionist ice trust". Not kidding. Well, we hope their tongues get stuck on some "Flutschfinger". More Ben & Jerry's for us! Read more (in German):

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Anonyme a dit…

On attend les prochaines "étapes": le pampers radioactif, la tétine cancérigène, le morpion génétiquement modifié résistant à tout traitement connu,la blague qui tue par le rire, le mouvement perpétuel etc.


"Si tu dis couic-couic quand tu marches, les gens pensent que t'as des chaussures neuves".Jean-Claude Van Damme