jeudi 18 octobre 2012

The Jewish Monkeys, la musique klezmer, burlesque et irrésistible

Meet the Jewish Monkeys. They are an unlikely Klezmer Burlesque trio, originally from Europe and now residing in Israel. Gal Zaidner was born in Belgium and currently works as a shrink [psychiatre]. Ronni Boiko is a veterinarian. Jossi Reich aka Joe Fleisch, the founding monkey and financier is an entrepreneur and co-owner of the German label Essay-Recordings (well worth a look for some far out Jewy music awesomeness btw). Together they are the Jew Monkeys and after somewhat of a hiatus, they have just released a new video called Black But Sweet – a yiddish inflected cover of a 1930′s era song by Caribbean American crooner Wilmoth Houdini. Lire la suite sur Jewlicious.

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