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Intellectuel norvégien: Israël serait derrière le massacre perpétré par Anders Breivik

"Le Professeur Ola Tunander déclare que des recherches sérieuses sont effectuées pour établir si des éléments essentiels d'al-Qaeda ont été infiltrés par les Israéliens, et si les Israéliens instrumentalisent ces groupes pour discréditer l'islam.  Qui sont donc ces spécialistes sérieux qui font des recherches sur l'infiltration d'al-Qaeda par les Israéliens? Une seule source a été trouvée.  C'est le site Veterans Today, qui s'adresse aux vétérans de guerre américains, et qui publie des articles prétendant que  les Israéliens et les Américains étaient derrière les attaques terroristes du 11 septembre, et également que l'Holocauste est une exagération des Juifs.  Une des ses sources est Wayne Madsen qui publie régulièrement sur le site conspirationniste et négationniste [vous trouverez des référence à rense dans ce blog et nous confirmons que rense est véritablement le pire du pire et le plus répugnant du plus répugnant]."

Le professeur d'université suédois qui enseigne et "milite pour la paix" en Norvège Ola Tunander [photo] a une carrière académique impressionnante.  Un de ses articles a paru dans une publication savante dirigée par une femme (quelle surprise) Cathrine Holst et d'autres intellectuels norvégiens réputés font partie du comité de rédaction.

Il insinue qu'Israël pourrait être l'instigateur du massacre perpétré par Anders Breivik dans le but d'infléchir la politique anti-israélienne de la Norvège et pour discréditer l'islam.  Pigé?  Le beau complot!  Ce qui est sûr c'est que l'antisémitisme est devenu acceptable dans les milieux académiques norvégiens et ailleurs en Europe.  Des voix se sont élevées pour dénoncer l'inanité des thèses de Tunander.  Nous n'avons pas le temps de traduire l'article de NI&J et le reproduisons en anglais.

Source: Norway, Israel and the Jews (NI&J)

A new Norwegian journal, which incidentally bears just that name (Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift), has published an article by Prio peace researcher Professor Ola Tunander. This article has caused several indignant responses, where respondents question Tunanders mental sanity. A very unusual feat in Norway, and finally one that certainly will rip the shiny wings off that incongruous grotty excuse of a serious scientific institution.
I have chosen to translate the reply of PhD student Johannes Due Enstad [réfutation très bien argumentée ci-dessous], but also found Øyvind Strømmen’s article in Minervanett Conspiracies on Israel and 22/7 both entertaining and superbly written. I have rarely read such biting criticism in the Norwegian press.
While I shudder at the content of Tunander’s insinuations, I am delighted and grateful that it is not only me who reacts to the horrible stench that emanates from his cave.
I invite  you to read and enjoy the timely response from a representative of Norway’s future academia.

Conspiranoia on 22/7 and Israel
Johannes Due Enstad PhD student in history, UiO

PRIO Professor Ola Tunander claims in an article in the journal Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift that Israel may have been behind 22 July. The article is a mishmashof insinuations and representations of hidden connections, and raises doubtsabout the author as well as journal editorial judgments.

The goal of the new journal Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift (NNT) is be “to provide insight and profiled debate in the Norwegian public discourse.” The journal is peer reviewed, which should mean that the published articles are the results of a thorough process to ensure scientific quality.

Readers of peer-reviewed journals should remain confident that what they will be served, maintains a high professional standard.

In light of this, it is more than a little strange to see John Tunander weird article; “inspirations, stakeholders, initiation masters and investors in Breivik’s world” published in the latest issue of NNT (4/2011).

This article is an insult to the informed public, it consists of a mishmash of insinuations, loose ends and vague statements that do not lead any other way than in a fog of conspiratorial ideas about hidden connections in which particular Israel occupies a ominous place.

Outlandish about the Israeli “stakeholders”
The article is really outlandish in the discussion of Breivik’s “stakeholders”.
According to Tunander, it is reasonable to interpret the controversial (and later editorial apology) op-ed by Barry Rubin in the Jerusalem Post on 31 July, which states that the AUF supports terrorism and that it was “ironic” that they themselves were affected by it, as a “threat” and a “semi-official” signal” from the Israeli side.

Tunander asks rhetorically whether there “were there anyone who wanted to warn Norway that the Norways Israel policy is ‘unacceptable’?” , following it up by mentioning the Lillehammer affair in 1973, where Mossad agents executed a Moroccan waiter (Tunander falsely claims that he was Palestinian) in the belief that he was one of the Palestinian terrorists involved in the Munich massacre.  To put it mildly, the connection between Lillehammer and Mossad and 22 July is more than unclear.

The article does not provide much in the department of clarification, when later on, Tunander presents “a simple chronology” to “give an idea”: In May and July, before the terrorist attacks, Israel criticized the official Norwegian policy towards the Palestinians; on 18 July FM Støre told Mahmoud Abbas that Norway was prepared to recognize a Palestinian state, whilst he on July 20 July told the AUF youths at Utøya that the Israeli occupation must end and the wall must be torn; and 22/7 was the day the “pro-Israeli Breivik” attacked Utøya, whilst two days afterwards the Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that Israel wanted to mobilize European support to prevent Palestinians from seeking state recognition at the UN.

Israel, Mossad and 22/7
In this paragraph one really has apply oneself to discern the outlines of an argument, this being no easier in the following sections.

Here, Tunander pulls two rabbits from his hat.  The Jewish paramilitary group, Irgun’s bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946 and the so-called Lavon affair in 1954, where the then Israeli Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon had to step down after revelations that the intelligence service had recruited Egyptian Jews to perform minor bomb attacks against British and American targets in Egypt (Tunander claims misleading that it was “brutal bomb attacks” where “building [is] was blown up,” but in reality the bombs were small and homemade that went off in libraries, a post office and a theater after closing, there were no injuries).

Now it gets beyond weird, and as a reader, one must ask oneself what on earth the Lavon affair or King David bombing has to do with what happened in Oslo and Utøya 22 July 2011.  Tunander’s answer, believe it or not, is that the bombing of the King David hotel also occurred 22 July, and that these two cases demonstrate the “Israeli tradition of terrorism.”

22/7 as Israeli retribution
Finally, Tunander cites ABB’s “manifesto” that Israel is “our primary ally” and that “it has been determined when the attack will be executed.” What Tunander thus is doing, is nothing less than to insinuate, without either shame or reason, that Israel had a hand in it on 22 July 2011 – that this was a way for Israel to punish Norway for the pro-Palestinian policy.  The article, which also reviews various actors and organizations Breivik has had or may have had contact with is riddled with hints and insinuations, but lacks concrete arguments.

Conspiranoid speculation
Tunander conclusion is equally helpless and void of direction as the rest of the article. On the one hand Israel occupies a central role; Breivik’s attack appears here as a new King David Hotel operation: the 22 July.

On the other hand, Tunander states that “the operation might be a Saudi response to an Israeli game”, for “perhaps Saudis believe that the Israelis have gone too far, and that as a countermeasure has recruited paramilitary anti-jihadists through the Eastern European mafia to allow them to question the legitimacy of anti-jihadism.”

This type conspiranoid speculation abound on websites (A truly nefarious, neo-Nazi junk yard). How did this get published in a serious journal?

Israel and al-Qaeda
Tunander also finds the opportunity to claim that there is an ongoing serious “discussion about whether the essential elements of al-Qaeda has been infiltrated by the Israelis, and the latter uses these groups to discredit Islam.”

Who are the serious players that discuss Israeli infiltration of al-Qaeda? The claim is supported by a single reference, namely the website Veterans Today, which besides being a practical resource for American war veterans, publishes articles that not only was 9/11 an Israeli-American inside job, but also that the Holocaust is a Jewish exaggeration.

The editor should apologize
This is representative of Tunander’s source criticism. Elsewhere he refers a certain Wayne Madsen, an American writer whose writing have been published on the website, where among other items,can you find lots of Holocaust denial and other gutter anti-Semitism.

NNT has embarrassed itself thoroughly by allowing an article as unscientific and unsubstantiated as this one. The editor Cathrine Holst should apologize or at least answer to this, but I find it hard to see that there can be any justification for publishing this type of unwarranted and insinuating nonsense in a supposedly serious academic journal.

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prof a dit…

Mais oui, c'est totalement vrai... Israël serait derrière les massacres qui ont eu lieu en Norvège comme à Liège aujourd'hui. C'est peut-être aussi Israël qui est derrière le 11 septembre 2001 et à Madrid en 2004 ou à Londres en 2005. Décidément, ce petit pays a bien des responsabilités meurtrières à assumer.
Et quand c'est une jeune fille juive qui se fait attaquer par des jeunes musulmans c'est parce que le Mossad a commandité cette agression.
On pourrait multiplier encore les conneries mais stop. Que ce professeur soit considéré comme un intellectuel ne l'excuse pas de la bêtise qu'il sème autour de lui.

Il y en a Un qui là-haut tiendra compte de toutes les horreurs qui se profèrent contre son peuple.


Anonyme a dit…

ah, il ne faudrait pas oublier :
le titanic (ise(n)berg c'est un nom juif)
fesses bouc (bon là c'est vrai)

Anonyme a dit…

J’essaye de voir quel pays dans la planète terre est autant calomnié, critiqué, hué, insulté, humilié, fustigé qu' Israël? Je n'y arrive pas.

Monique a dit…

On m'a volé mes chaussures au travail : je vais chercher du côté d'Israël. Un ramassis de stupidités de la part de ces norvégiens : ce gens ne valent pas mieux qu'Anders Breivik.