samedi 18 décembre 2010

Antisémitisme: Johannes Wahlström, un journaliste respecté en Suède !

Il semble qu'un personnage qui se fait appeler Israel Shamir (un antisémite qui a au moins six noms et qui a la nationalité suédoise) est le responsable de WikiLeaks en Russie et son fils, Johannes Wahlström, le responsable pour les pays scandinaves. Il est troublant, comme le remarque Andrew Brown dans le Guardian) qu'un personnage aussi douteux que Johannes Wahlström puisse faire une belle carrière de journaliste en Suède.  Quant aux relations entre le père et le fils avec Julian Assange, on ne peut que s'étonner. 

Source: The Guardian (WikiLeaks and Israel Shamir, WikiLeaks is represented in Russia and Scandinavia by a father and son team with a disturbing record of antisemitism). Extraits:

"His son, Wahlström , is even more remarkable because he is more outwardly respectable. He has been employed in various journalistic capacities by the Swedish state broadcaster, SVT, by the newspaper Aftonbladet*, and by the leftwing magazine Ordfront. The magazine was forced to retract and to apologise for a story he wrote in 2005 about supposed Israeli control of the Swedish media, which contained quotes attributed to three other journalists, which they denied ever making. None the less, Aftonbladet is paying him both as a researcher and a consultant, because he has exclusive access to the WikiLeaks cable dump in Sweden and is the gatekeeper who doles out stories to favoured media partners. This use of freelance journalists is the model used by WikiLeaks in countries where it does not have a large and established media partner like the Guardian or Der Spiegel.

The other recipients of Wahlström's stories are Uppdrag Granskning, a flagship current affairs programme on Swedish television, and Svenska Dagbladet, one of the main Stockholm newspapers (owned by the same concern as Aftonbladet).

Wahlström has described his father as a persecuted intellectual comparable to Salman Rushdie, but refused to talk to a Swedish radio programme investigating the story. His father was reached and conducted a bizarre interview with them in English. Asked if Wahlström was, in fact, his son, he replied: "I have heard such things. That's what they say. I have heard this kind of rumour, but I don't intend to talk about my personal, family things at all."

He also denied that he had any special connection with WikiLeaks, though the group's spokesman, Kristinn Hrafnsson, confirmed that he was their representative in Russia, just as his son is in Scandinavia. Expressen also published a photograph of him standing behind Julian Assange at a computer [photo ci-dessus], published in the Russian paper, which has been reprinting the WikiLeaks cables he passed to them."

* On se souviendra que Aftonbladet est le tabloïd suédois qui a accusé Tsahal de vols d’organes et qui a exigé une enquête internationale.

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