jeudi 27 août 2009

Agissez: écrivez à l'Ambassade de Suède en Israël

Aidez-nous à bâtir une Scandinavie propre et sans racisme.

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Texte proposé:

Dear Ms Ambassador Elisabet Borsiin Bonnier,

The article “Våra söner plundras på sina organ” published in Aftonbladet on Monday the 17th of August 2009 is full of disgusting lies and fabricated stories.

I, a concerned and appalled citizen, would like to express my utmost dismay and repulsion that such a text can be published with impunity in the Swedish mainstream press.
I am aware of your embassy’s attempt to distance itself ( from and to condemn this text.

You also write in your press release “…freedom of the press prevails in Sweden… freedom of the press and freedom of expression are freedoms which carry a certain responsibility… ”. However, we know that in the case of Sweden this isn’t entirely true. Swedish citizen Lennart Eriksson was fired from his job with the immigration authority in Sweden for voicing pro-Israel opinions – even though he performed his job in an exemplary fashion. And he was fired with the full backing of the law.

More must be done by you, the Swedish Embassy in Israel. You must demand that Israel withdraw any press credentials given (if any were ever given) to this dedicated anti-Israel and anti-Semitic lie factory – just as you demanded the firing of Swedish citizen Kent Ekeroth from your embassy because of his political views. You should examine the viability of litigation against Aftonbladet and take a proactive stance against the horrific libels written in the text.
Words are not enough this time!

- L’"aftonbladette" comme Boström, recette pour criminaliser, à l’ancienne, les Israéliens, M. Macina
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Gilles-Michel DEHARBE a dit…


* Le refus de la Suède de condamner " le bidonnage de prélèvement d’organe criminel ".

Par Alan M. Dershowitz.

ou :

Gilles-Michel DEHARBE a dit…

Le courage d'une diplomate et la turpitude d'un journal suédois.

Freddy Eytan, 30/08/2009.