mercredi 27 février 2019

Bruno Maçães: On continue de sous-estimer ce que fut Auschwitz

Bruno Maçães, ancien secrétaire d'état portugais, auteur du bestseller The Dawn of Eurasia:
"Has anyone written a book on WWII arguing that it was a war between Europe and America ending with the victory of the latter?"

"Europe destroyed by barbarism. Either the spring of barbarism or too weak to fight it. Its power of example gone, its colonial empire lost, its creativity spent (for how can you be creative when you fear barbarism is the result of your efforts?)"

"I didn’t say it was a plot. I said that after WW2 it became impossible for the US to look up to Europe. From then on it charted its own path. European civilization was effectively defeated by American democracy then. In other words, we continue to underestimate Auschwitz"
Source: Twitter

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