dimanche 30 septembre 2018

Bruno Maçães: Le remarquable 'soft power' israélien

Bruno Maçães is a Portuguese politician, political scientist, business strategist, and author. He studied at the University of Lisbon and Harvard University, where he wrote his doctoral dissertation under Harvey Mansfield. He is currently a non-resident Senior Fellow at Hudson Institute in Washington. He was a senior fellow at Carnegie Europe.
"What is interesting is that Israel has emerged as a model in India, especially for young nationalists. America is not a model, Europe is not a model. China is the antimodel. But Israel is a model: a wounded civilization reasserting itself (all four words here are important)."
"That's from the point of view of India. From Israel's point of view: remarkable that its soft power is expanding so quickly and Israel now has the ability to attract hearts and minds pretty much everywhere."


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